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Age Range:
1 – 2 years
Areas of Learning:

Baby Signs®

Social Development

Creative Development

Safe Exploration and Fun Learning for Toddlers

We know how difficult it is for parents to leave their little one at daycare while they tend to professional obligations. At Gateway Academy, our nurturing, experienced caregivers are exceptionally dedicated to your child’s early development. Our unique programs for toddlers are designed to accommodate the rapid cognitive, socio-emotional, and physical growth of children aged one to two years old, offering art, movement, music, reading, and active outdoor playtime. We provide a secure environment with equipment that meets only the highest government and industry standards for safe, educational play. In our toddler daycare program, your child has plenty of opportunities to explore the world around them and learn new things every day!

Fostering Early Development

Children under the age of three are especially responsive to effective early education programs because the brain’s ability to develop through new stimuli is greatest at this age. During these formative years, trillions of brain-cell connections—called neural synapses—form, and those that fail to connect cannot regenerate later.[1] Our child learning centers for toddlers specifically focus on stimulating brain growth in young children via a number of engrossing learning activities, while keeping it fun.

• Cognitive: Early cognitive skills include hiding objects, looking at picture books, and naming everyday items. Many factors affect a toddler’s cognitive development, but among the most important are a predictable environment, responsive caregivers, interactive communication, and other mentally stimulating experiences.[2]

• Socio-Emotional: Children at this age start becoming less wary of strangers, imitating adult behavior, enjoying adults’ attention, and asserting independence. In toddler school, we encourage health socio-emotional development by teaching your little one how to manage their emotions, establish relationships, and understand his or her feelings, as well as the feelings of others.

• Physical: Toddlers are eager to discover the world around them through crawling and walking. Yet, their fine and gross motor skills are sometimes not developed enough to satisfy their natural curiosity. Our competent caregivers make sure that your toddler can move and explore in a safe and supportive setting.[3]

Toddler Developmental Activities Include:

• Discovery Time: Toddlers are naturally curious and learn through discovery. Our daycare for toddlers is stocked with a wide selection of props, costumes, arts-and-crafts materials, and other toddler-friendly equipment, so your child can learn about their surroundings in a playful way.

• Early Learning: Because your child is particularly receptive of new information at this age, we offer theme-based toddler daycare curriculum, which emphasizes age-appropriate activities involving language, colors, and shapes.

• Talk, Talk, Talk: Exposure to language and participation in conversation during this early period is key to advancing thinking processes, reading comprehension, and healthy socialization. At Gateway Academy’s school for toddlers, we urge your little one to talk, talk, talk with caregivers as well as other peers.

• Baby Signs®: In case your child does not know the proper word for expressing an emotion, he or she can use Baby Signs®, a unique program for hearing children that uses sign language in order to decrease the frustration of learning to talk.

• Socialization: Because your toddler is becoming increasingly comfortable with strangers and peers at this age, our programs include socialization activities like group songs, finger play, stories, and movement exercises to support social development.

• Growing Independence: Becoming progressively more self-aware, your little one is starting to assert independence. Washing hands, picking up toys, and getting dressed are great opportunities for a small child to express their developing autonomy.

• Fun with Fitness: To promote the development of motor skills and physical abilities, our knowledgeable caregivers encourage your toddler to dance and frolic under supervision.

• Potty Training: Each child weans off diapers at his or her own pace. Our toddler programs are designed to make this transition as smooth as possible.

Establishing Fundamental Skills During Formative Years

Your child’s experiences, interactions, and impressions during these critical formative years have a lifelong impact. Fostering cognitive, socio-emotional, and physical growth from an early age increases the likelihood for success and achievement later in life. The child development professionals at Gateway Academy have crafted comprehensive, research-based toddler programs that empower children in this age group to learn and explore in a safe and fun manner. Our caregivers and staff members collaborate extensively with parents in order to achieve the best educational outcomes for every child.