Summer Camp

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Summer Camp

Age Range:
Kindergarten – 12 years
Areas of Learning:

History, Culture & Geography

Reading Skills

Science & Nature

Physical Education

Arts & Crafts


Each week Mr. X will assign a top-secret mission that will take our agents to destinations around the world and develop important “super spy” skills!

Meet Me at the Eiffel Tower

Our agents will learn about French culture, develop a secret communication system, visit the Eiffel Tower, and become masters of disguise.

Undercover in Germany

Agents earn the trust of the German people by learning about their culture. They will uncover the secret ingredients of pretzels and design an authentic German mask for “Fasching,” a German festival!


Punk Rocked

Agents will play the part of a lead guitarist of a famous 80’s rock group who works undercover while on tour. They will collect intelligence on a classic guitar recently stolen from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.


Finding Freedom

Our agents will travel back in time to June of 1863, where they’ll serve as telegraph officers during the Civil War. They’ll receive an encrypted telegraph from Ulysses S. Grant and learn to decode it.


Aloha Mr. X!

Coffee shipments have been disappearing from a local Hawaiian coffee plantation and the owners want answers! Agents will go undercover at the plantation to discover where the shipments have gone.


Super Spy 2.0

Agents will act as gadget experts living in England, completing tech assignments like constructing new systems of tube messaging and developing messages written in special ink.


X Marks the Spot

The coffee shipments have been found – stolen by pirates who are sailing off the coast of Hawaii! Our agents must sneak onto the pirate ship undetected and devise a plan to take back what has been stolen.


Beam Me Up!

Our agents will be challenged to take on the role of NASA engineers chosen to be both the lead engineer and detective on “Operation Star Stopper!”


An Outlaw’s Capture

Set in the Old West, this mission will require agents to assume the role of a respected rancher who must track down the bandit who robbed the local bank and kidnapped the mayor’s daughter.


A Monumental Task

Agents will go to Washington D.C. and help the Secret Service follow a trail of clues that someone has left at some of our nation’s most historic monuments.