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Age Range:
3 – 4 years
Areas of Learning:

Language & Literacy

Computers & Technology


Nurturing and Inspiring Young Learners

Children aged three and four years old enjoy learning the most when they are allowed to actively engage with the world around them. Our preschool education program enables your growing youngster to participate in stimulating learning opportunities such as puppet play, storytelling, and gardening. Gateway Academy’s responsive teachers understand the natural curiosity of children and engage them in engrossing activities that promote strong cognitive, socio-emotional, and physical development. At Gateway Academy, teachers, staff, and parents work together to build a strong foundation for your child’s lifelong education.

A Quality Preschool Education Kickstarts Future Educational Success

During this period of growth, children are acquiring new skills and knowledge at a rapid pace; 90% of the brain will be developed by age five.[1] Learning experiences during this time have the potential to influence skills, talents, and traits for years to come. The short-term and long-term cognitive, social, and emotional benefits of an effective preschool program range from higher achievement test scores to lower rates of grade repetition to a lower chance of delinquency.[2] A well-designed preschool program is thus an integral element to your child’s educational success.

• Cognitive: Humans are born with 100 billion brain cells, each capable of making as many as 20,000 connections. Young children must be cognitively stimulated to promote brain-cell connection; otherwise, unconnected cells die. A variety of lessons and activities in our preschool curriculum, such as speech, storytelling, and guessing, cultivate cognitive abilities.

• Socio-Emotional: Children aged three and four years old are fostering interpersonal relationships with family members, caretakers, and peers. They begin to enjoy helping out, learn to share toys with others, and start displaying empathy. Our preschool education emphasizes responsiveness and communication for strong socio-emotional development.

• Physical: Children become more agile at this stage. They may jump on the spot, ride on tricycles, or play with clay. Gateway Academy offers a safe environment with age-appropriate equipment for your young one to explore their physical capabilities.[3]

Developmental Activities Include:

  • Comprehensive Preschool Curriculum: We’ve created a holistic curriculum to support early childhood development.
  • Cognitive: Math, science, social studies, and literacy exercises.
  • Socio-emotional: Cooperative, dramatic play, responsive communication, and group movement activities.
  • Physical: Fitness routines to foster gross and fine motor skills.
  • Confidence through Choices: It is vital for young children to learn the importance of making informed choices. Our structured yet flexible curriculum offers various choices in terms of activities and settings, so your child will learn to make decisions with confidence.
  • Conversation: Speech is an essential part of early cognitive development. Children who hear a variety of words and regularly participate in conversations build more brain-cell connections. Engaging conversations with responsive teachers help strengthen your youngster’s learning abilities for years to come.
  • Love of Literacy: Regular exposure to literature helps your little one build a strong vocabulary, activates their imagination, and develops a love of reading. Our art, math, cooking, science, and physical activities programs make use of stories and books for optimal learning.
  • Learning Spanish: Research suggests that the first three to four years in a child’s life are ideal for learning a second language.[4] Our experienced instructors incorporate Spanish words into songs, stories, games, and make-believe time. Preschoolers are introduced to greetings, numbers, food, clothing, animals, and weather vocabulary.
  • Growing Up Fit: Children at this age start to really test their physical abilities and motor skills, so our preschool program allows them to run, jump, and play in a secure environment and under the supervision of experienced caregivers.
  • Technology Time: Because technology plays an increasingly important role in our everyday life, we familiarize your youngster with computers via fun activities. Select Gateway Academy schools also offer Smart Board, a computerized white board that helps hone cognitive and fine motor skills.

Collaborating with Parents

A child’s preschool education is particularly effective when parents are supportive and involved. This is why Gateway Academy emphasizes integrating parents into the preschool education process. We work closely with you to define and meet learning goals. Regular communication, meetings, and progress reports allow you to be close to your child during this crucial learning stage. Together, we provide the support and encouragement your child needs to navigate these formative years successfully.