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Age Range:
4 – 5 years
Areas of Learning:

Language & Literacy

Computers & Technology


Instilling Confidence and Developing Important Skills in Pre-K

Kindergarten has become much more competitive in recent years. For example, about two third of kindergarten teachers expect children to know the alphabet before entering kindergarten.[1] In addition, over 200,000 children each year have to repeat kindergarten before they can begin primary school.[2] To ensure that your child is properly prepared for kindergarten, our Pre-K education program is designed to expand your child’s literacy, vocabulary, math, problem solving, and motor skills. Gateway Academy offers individual and group learning activities guided by our knowledgeable and compassionate teachers to successfully advance your child’s cognitive, socio-emotional, and physical development.

An Essential Step for a Successful Educational Career

A top-notch Pre-K education not only positively impacts your child’s achievements in kindergarten and primary school, but it also benefits them in many other aspects of life. Research suggests that children who graduate from a Pre-K program make greater leaps in terms of cognitive development than children without a Pre-K education, for example, in receiving higher scores on reading and math tests. Moreover, Pre-K graduates also generally experience higher levels of high school graduation rates, earning potential, and overall lifetime achievements.[3] Education experts now agree that Pre-K has become as important as kindergarten in predicting overall academic and life success.

• Cognitive: Four-year olds enjoy wordplay, love telling stories, and can count to 20 or more. Some may even start reading simple books. We provide rich environments, stimulating experiences, and responsive interactions to allow your youngster to fully explore these skills.

• Socio-Emotional: This is the period where young children become more outgoing and enthusiastic, begin to do things independently, and establish close relationships with peers. To foster these socio-emotional developments, we emphasize appropriate model behavior, teacher-parent collaboration, and secure settings.

• Physical: Physical activities at this stage include jumping over objects, climbing on ladders, running around obstacles, as well as painting and drawing with purpose. Our indoor and outdoor facilities meet the highest safety standards, so your youngster can fully explore their burgeoning physical capabilities.

Developmental Activities Include:

• Mastering Skills: Gateway Academy offers a comprehensive Pre-K curriculum that encourages physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional development. Our lessons cover math, science, social studies, literacy, and fitness.

• Fostering Confidence: As your child begins to increasingly explore the world and demand independence, we make sure that they can do so in a secure environment, guided by experienced teachers. Our classrooms are equipped with an array of learning materials and educational toys.

• Strengthening Vocabulary: Developing a solid vocabulary is tantamount to advancing reading, writing, and listening abilities. Our teachers conduct fun vocabulary activities in the classroom to help your child expand their language skills.

• Promoting Literacy: In our pre-kindergarten program, your child is immersed in a world of words, sounds, letters, and stories. Our experienced educators lead interactive exercises enhancing phonological and print awareness, narrative skills, and letter knowledge. In addition, your little one can practice their writing skills with our Pre-K Word Wall.

• Learning Spanish: These days, learning a second language cannot begin early enough. Since Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world, we introduce children to a variety of fun Spanish learning activities like playing make-believe, forecasting the weather, and cooking.[4]

• Growing Up Fit: Learning about health and fitness at a young age dramatically increases the likelihood of staying healthy later in life.[5] This is why we engage your child in playful physical exercises and easy cooking projects.

• Developing Computer Skills: Information technology plays an ever-growing role in education. Our Pre-K program familiarizes your child with the digital world via exciting computer activities. Some Gateway Academy locations even offer Smart Board, a computerized white board that stimulates the development of cognitive and fine motor skills.

Your Child Deserves an Unparalleled Pre-K Education

Superior Pre-kindergarten education can have a tremendous impact on your child’s future success in both school and life. The cornerstones of a top-notch Pre-K program are a competent team of instructors, small classrooms, and low child-to-staff ratios. It is a pillar of our philosophy at Gateway Academy to establish a collaborative relationship between staff, teachers, and parents to support your child in achieving early academic competency. Together, we make sure that your child has the confidence and skillset to master kindergarten.