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Age Range:
6 weeks - 1 year
Areas of Learning:

Baby Signs®

Language Development

Motor Skills Development

The first year in a child’s life is tremendously significant as they learn to speak their first words, begin to build a sense of self, and form attachments to others. Naturally, you’ll want to be there for these meaningful milestones—our partnership approach is designed to involve even the busiest parents in their child’s first learning experiences. Parents receive daily written reports on their baby’s activities, as well as pictures of their most precious moments. Our nursery meets rigorous safety standards, and our nurturing caregivers are always paying close attention to your baby’s needs. At Gateway Academy, it’s our priority to make the transition from home to daycare pleasant, smooth and joyful for both parent and child.

Stimulating Your Baby’s Development

Infant children acquire crucial formative abilities during their first years. In fact, 82% percent of the brain develops during the first three years of life.[1] Gateway Academy’s dedicated and experienced caregivers foster the important process of brain development through engaging activities and individualized care in all our child care programs.

  • Cognitive: Early cognitive skills include recognizing familiar things, making use of the five senses to explore, replicating the actions of others, and performing actions to elicit a reaction from others. Our infant care program employs a holistic approach to develop these essential early abilities.
  • Socio-Emotional: Infant socio-emotional growth ranges from forming interpersonal attachments to expressing emotions to establishing a sense of self. Gateway Academy’s compassionate and receptive caregivers help your baby develop these skills in a safe and stable environment. Research has demonstrated that enhancing socio-emotional skills also significantly strengthens attention and learning capabilities.[2]
  • Physical: The first physical developments in infants include rolling over, crawling, reaching and grasping, as well as becoming used to routines like getting dressed and washing hands. Our trained team allows your baby to explore their early motor skills while remaining protected and comfortable.[3]

Developmental Activities for Infants Include:

• Attentive Talking: At this stage, children begin to understand a number of words by listening, observing, and interacting. This back-and-forth of words, sounds, and facial expressions plays a vital role in your infant’s brain development.[4] Caregivers attentively engage with your child, paying attention to their reactions, encouraging a variety of responses.

• Story Time: Similarly, listening to books read aloud stimulates early language and literacy development in your infant. Gateway Academy’s caregivers read to your baby every day, strengthening their listening and memory skills.

• Rhyming & Singing: Music not only advances a child’s cognitive abilities, it also elevates their mood. Our caregivers regularly sing to your baby, providing comfort and enhancing cognitive skills.

• Rocking & Cuddling: Close physical contact with and ample emotional support from an adult positively impacts an infant’s socio-emotional development. Regular rocking and cuddling is a prominent component of Gateway Academy’s baby school philosophy—we treat your children as if they were family, with lots of loving care and attention.

• Baby Signs®: Our caregivers employ Baby Signs®, the original sign language for infants, to communicate with your child about whether they are hungry, tired, unwell, or hot/cold. This strategy has shown to reduce infants’ frustration while benefiting emotional development.

• Positive Play: Playing with selected toys is an effective way to strengthen your baby’s gross and fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, visual tracking, as well as creative and cognitive skills.

• Safety First: The safety of your child comes first. Gateway Academy’s nursery is designed to meet state and federal safety regulations, as well as standards set by toy and equipment manufacturers. Your baby is safe to learn and explore in the hands of experienced caregivers.

A Part of Your Family

The first years, even months, in a child’s life are uniquely critical for their development later in life. Whether it is their first laugh, their first steps, or their first words—you don’t want to miss it. With Gateway Academy, you don’t have to, regardless of other important work or family obligations. Our team works closely with you to create an infant care program schedule that fits your needs and allows you to fully participate in your child’s foundational development. Our research-endorsed activities and affectionate caregivers ensure that your infant receives a strong base of support for future success in both school and life.

Gateway Academy’s infant daycare provides a warm, safe and nurturing environment for your child when you’re away.