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I. love. this. school! The admin staff take care of each child like they are their own & know each child by name. The teachers are so friendly & take making sure my child is cared for very seriously. I am so glad my child goes here!

Melanie B.

We moved to Charlotte from Louisville in December 2017. My youngest child was three and a half at the time and initially went to a different daycare. We made the switch to Gateway in January 2018 and my child loved it! She had a much easier transition at Gateway. I have found the staff easy to communicate with. They share concerns and achievements in a positive manner and have really encouraged self-confidence, learning, playfulness, and creativity in my child. My child (now almost five years old) looks forward to going to school at Gateway every morning. She is excited to she her friends and her teachers alike. I have had a great experience with this daycare. When I have contacted the staff and administration they are extremely responsive.

Becca 5 stars - Excellent

The center is sparkling clean, cheerful and bright and each member of the staff was so warm and friendly, not to mention professional and competent. I am so thankful that my grandson is in such good hands. My son and my daughter-in-law couldn’t have chosen a better daycare facility for their son. If you live in the area and need a place to care for your child, look no further.

Samantha Davis

This has been my first experience trusting my children with anyone other than Grandma, and Miss Annie and the Gateway staff has been so helpful and understanding every step of the way. I have a baby girl and a 2.5 year old son, and they are happy when I come pick them up. My son’s teacher told me yesterday how much she loves her job and getting to work with kids, and that just reassured me so much! When I went to get registered, the children of all ages and their parents were all happy and smiling, and the director and staff were smiling, too. There are also many regulations in place to keep our children clean – like handwashing, wearing booties into the infant rooms, not bringing food from home, etc. I felt at ease leaving my children here while I work, which is the highest compliment you can give a child development center!

Annette Byrum 5 stars - Excellent

My child has been attending Gateway Academy-Mallard for 3 years now. She has learned so much and continues to learn every day. We absolutely adore the staff. When we have had any questions or concerns, they have been addressed in a timely fashion without further issues. I love being part of the Gateway family!

5 stars - Excellent

I love this daycare! The teachers, Ms. Nika and Ms. Emerald, are two of the best teachers ever! This is my granddaughter’s first daycare experience and she loves it!

Nikki Davis 5 stars - Excellent

Oh my goodness! I do not know where to start! I just LOVE GATEWAY ACADEMY LOCATED ON PELHAM ROAD IN GREENVILLE SC where the Director Miss Christ Maholtz, Miss Amy Oakes, and staff are located. My first child/daughter Adriana Leverette who is now in 3rd grade attended here and is an A/B honor roll student and now my five year old son Adrian Leverette Jr attends who is getting ready to graduate from Gateway has been in GREAT care since day one of starting.

I would like to say the very first day I had to leave my babies, which can be very scary, I knew they were in the BEST hands. They are so caring and very understanding in every way that you can imagine. I believe because the staff themselves have kids of their own they knew first hand how important it was for me know they were GREAT hands!

The learning that takes place at this facility from day one starting from infants to K4 is outstanding!!! The staff truly makes sure the kids are just not idle but learning and having fun while doing it all through the day.

I must take a moment to brag on Miss Jennifer DeMartra and Miss Peggy Davis!! These ladies have outdone themselves in teaching and helping my Adrian Leverette be prepared for kindergarten. Today he visited his elementary school Bells Crossing where he will attend along with his sister Adriana in the fall and the kindergarten teacher who was with Adrian took the time to find me and ask me what school did he attend before starting at their school and I asked her why? She told me this young man is very smart and over well prepared for K5 and that us when I proudly stated GATEWAY ACADEMY ON PELHAM ROAD in Greenville, S.C. where Miss Christi Maholtz is Director!! I am very thankful and proud of this facility. If I had ten thousand tongues I could not thank them enough! This group EXCEEDED my expectations!!


Mrs. Shelia Leverette 5 stars - Excellent

Great School, Awesome Staff…. never had to worry whether my daughter was treated unfair or wasn’t safe. Would recommend there to anyone who is seeking professional service.

Yasmine D. 5 stars - Excellent

It’s a great school.The staff is very friendly and they take good care of the kids.They do lot of activities for the kids in a fun way and the kids enjoy them too. My baby has been going to school and it’s been just 2 months and I see lot of development in her.Miss Asia is a very good teacher , since the time she has started teaching the class in which my baby is, my baby has become comfortable and she does not cry. Now she goes to school happily . Miss Asia is very warm towards the kids.From staff members, Nicole has been of great help, she has guided us and has helped us in making right decisions with regards to our baby’s education.

Manjari 5 stars - Excellent

I love Gateway Academy. They are in a very convenient location, which is wonderful for me as a parent. We recently moved to Mauldin and I didn’t know where to go or how to get help with after school care. I just walked in and they immediately were friendly, had quick responses and made the process hassle free. My son loves Gateway. He never wants to leave his favorite teacher Ms. Kaitlin. He enjoys all of the wonderful play areas, events on the weekends and Parents Night Out ( I think I love those more)
Overall, He will be there until we either relocate or his age doesn’t permit. Thank You Gateway Mauldin for everything you ladies do!!!

Lindsay Anderson 5 stars - Excellent

Our son and daughter both spent the first five years of their lives with these ladies at Gateway Academy. We’re grateful that we chose Gateway. These past years have been an outstanding experience for both of our kids; they learned social skills and were completely prepared for kindergarten. We thank these great ladies for their love and kindness to our children; and their hard work preparing them for bigger things.

Tom and Erin Finley 5 stars - Excellent

Simply said the school is beautiful and the teachers are amazing. The leadership team is like family and the home-like feel in the school is wonderful. Check it out and you won’t be disappointed.

Alissa 5 stars - Excellent

My Granddaughter attends Gateway Academy and I am eternally grateful for the care and support they give her each and every day! She is learning new things, enjoys her classmates, and absolutely loves her teachers! I never have to worry about the care she receives and am confident that she is surrounded daily by people who truly care about her well being!

Jackie Kellett 5 stars - Excellent

I have had a grandchild at Gateway Northeast for 17 years and think it is an awesome environment for kids. Nothing but good things to say about the facility, the teachers and the academics and social skills. Each child went into Kindergarten well prepared.

Brenda Grohman 5 stars - Excellent

My child has grown and learned so much since attending the Gateway Academy at Broomfield. His teacher Lindsey Poahway makes great strides to improve learning, motor skills and overall development. I cannot thank you enough! Thank you Ms. Lindsey Poahway!

Winston Avery 5 stars - Excellent

My son loves his teachers and all the staff there which makes me happy that he wants to go everyday.

Tiffany 5 stars - Excellent

My son attended Gateway Academy at Northlake for approximately two years. He transitioned from a home daycare setting and had a difficult time initially;  crying and clinging to me each morning when dropping  him off. This lasted for weeks, but the discomfort and uneasiness that he felt from being faced with new surroundings and new schedules and faces was met with so much patience and understanding by his teacher, Ms. Lisa, at that time. She had subtle ways of getting his attention off of me each morning as I left the facility and every time that I witnessed how great she was with calming my son down, I felt thankful that I’d chosen Gateway Northlake as our childcare provider.

My son ended his time at the center in the Pre-K classroom with Ms. Ashley. She exceeded my expectations; working with each child individually to ensure they were where they should be for kindergarten, providing feedback on progress in different academic and social areas, being super patient with seemingly little effort  (which I observed on numerous occasions while picking my son up), being consistent in attitude and disciplinary measures in regards to keeping a safe and comfortable learning environment, having fun WITH them through learning, and the list continues.  My son would even come home and call ME ‘Ms. Ashley’ instead of mommy! I never got offended, but took it as a testament of how great of an impact she had on him. 🙂 I am so very grateful that my son was privileged enough to have attended Gateway at Northlake and even more appreciative of thoughtful and caring staff like Ms. Ashley.

Thanks to you all (director-Ms. Wanda, assistant director-Ms. Shardae, and all of the other front desk staff and teachers that we’ve interacted with and were touched/impacted by) for giving us a pleasant experience at Gateway-Northlake. My son will have warm memories as he embarks on his elementary school journey.   ❤

Warm Regards,
The Graham Fam! ?

The Graham Fam 5 stars - Excellent

Picking a place to take care of your children is not an easy task! We have been so very fortunate to have Gateway taking care of our boys during the work week. The staff is like a second family to our boys and take care of each of them like they were taking care of one of their own children. Our boys love each one of the teachers they have had over the years, and that in itself speaks loudly of how great they are at Gateway! Our 7 year old flourished in Kindergarten after attending the Pre-K program at Gateway and continues to grow each school year. He now enjoys before and after school care and all of the fun activities that Gateway does during their summer camp! Our 1 year old has been coming to Gateway since he was only 8 weeks old, and having a staff that loves him and nurtures him is so wonderful. I know he is in good hands when he reaches for his teacher each morning when I drop him off. Overall, I would recommend Gateway without hesitation. They provide a nurturing and fun environment for children and have a staff that truly is wonderful at what they do!

Lorraine Trudeau

My family is blessed to have had our girls enrolled at Gateway Academy. Our first child was there from the age of 6 months until preschool graduation. She is now in second grade and is still greeted with smiles and hugs, as if she hadn’t left. Our youngest daughter is now in the toddler room, and we enjoy seeing all of the life building skills she is learning everyday.

Gateway is top of the line in child care! They have taught our girls with professionalism, enthusiasm, and best of all…love! Gateway provides children with the early skills necessary for success in grade school. Our second grader has earned high marks in math and reading while in grade school, and we are sure that the teachers at Gateway are a huge reason for this. When asked where my daughter goes to daycare, I am proud to say Gateway. Thank you, Gateway Teachers and Staff, for all that you do. You are the best!

Amy Bower

I want to sing the praises of Gateway Academy! You guys have done an amazing job updating the look of the center not to mention the staff! I have been through all the changes since 2012 and appreciate your hard work and dedication to our children and their care. All of the teachers and staff are so loving and attentive. They always take the time to say hello and let me know what’s going on. I could not imagine taking my son anywhere else. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Best regards,
Amy Lowe

Amy Lowe

I have to admit, I was very nervous about moving my 3 year old to an institutional daycare environment. She had been in an in-home daycare since she was 3 months old and I was quite scared that she wouldn’t get the kind of personal care and attention that came with her in-home center. Boy was I wrong! I could not be any more pleased with the staff and environment at the Gateway Academy. Ava, my daughter, gets exactly the same personal care and attention that she received previously (if not more)….but in addition she now has better structure in a highly stimulating learning environment. She is also building great relationships with her classmates, teachers and directors. I was never concerned with her learning and development before but since she began at Gateway she is speaking more clearly and we have wonderful conversations now! She amazes me every week with what she has learned, from songs to Spanish to occupations in the community. It brings so much joy to my life. I love it and I have to thank all of her teachers and the directors for that! Enrolling Ava in the Gateway Academy has truly been one of the best decisions I have made for her and I know it will only get better as she grows with them.

Quinn G.

I’ve been meaning to contact you for a few months now and regret that it has taken me this long. My son has been attending this Gateway location since August 2011 (seven months old). In the past five months since Sonya Dodd took over I have seen a drastic change. I am extremely pleased with how much more efficient, cheerful, dedicated, organized and academic this location has become. Sonya and Alex are both amazing in their respective roles as Director an d Assistant Director. Both always are smiling, look professional and are eager to assist and engage, both with parents and the children.

Words cannot express how happy I am with my son’s education at this point. At the beginning of the last school year I considered moving him to another daycare, or at least a different pre-K program in the fall of 2015. Moving him away from the friends and teachers he had come to know was a tough thing to consider. I also hated to have him transition to a new place, only to move again when it was time to start kindergarten.

Please know how happy I am with all three of his Pre-4 teachers and the management changes. He is learning so much and doing really well preparing for elementary school. Sonya has been such a positive, driving force in the new direction Gateway – McKee is going. I would now highly recommend the school to others and not


I am so grateful for the opportunity you have provided for the monthly Parent Night. As busy parents it’s all too often that we focus all of our energies into our children and other vital responsibilities (which is how it should be) but sometimes we don’t take time out to invest in our partners, which is equally as important.

One of my personal goals this year was to make a monthly date night with my husband and I was happily surprised to learn about Parent’s Night Out. We have very few family members in the area who can watch our precious little one, so this is a gift we can look forward to each month. It gives us a time to reconnect and enjoy quality one-on-one time while having the peace of mind that our son is in great hands, in a place that he loves. That means more to us than you know. The price is extremely reasonable and includes dinner and activities. We know our child is safe and happy and we also have the chance to enjoy a night out on the town. And, when parents are happy, our kids are happy too. It’s a win-win situation.

I truly encourage other parents to take advantage of the opportunity and to share this monthly event with friends and family. It would be great to continue this wonderful event and I thank you again from the bottom of my heart for making this event possible. We appreciate your efforts!

Olivia, Andy & Alejandro

I became a mom a few months ago to a baby boy. Although I had done a lot of daycare research, making the decision was harder than I expected. I was immediately drawn to Gateway because of the convenience of the location. After seeing the facility and meeting Amber, Nicole and the entire staff of the Whitehall location, I knew this was the place for Troy. Three months later, I know it was the best decision I could have made. The Gateway staff welcomes you like family, and treats Troy like their own. As a parent, you want your child to be safe and well cared for, but Gateway also has heart, and Troy is thriving under their care. You can’t imagine the sense of relief I have every day knowing that I don’t have to worry about my little guy! Thanks, Gateway!!!


We just wanted to take the opportunity to express my thanks for the great care you have shown for our daughter. We really appreciate the special care Amber and Nicole took during her initial days. We also appreciate the attitude of all the teachers, the fact that they really seem to get to know and work with the individual personalities of the children and the obvious interest in providing them with a bright, learning-filled atmosphere. My daughter loves being at Gateway Academy and that, of course, puts our mind at ease while we are at work. Great job!

Lahari D.

We have been Gateway Academy parents for over five years. One of the things that drew us to the school was the curriculum, it’s age appropriate and grows with the child. Our children have learned so much during their time at Gateway. Each day has a great mix of education and play. We also appreciate the dedication to our children and consistency in their care. Our children are in the same class with the same teacher and group of children each day which is exactly what we wanted when choosing a school. However the best thing about Gateway is the family feel. The staff are warm and welcoming and they’re wonderful with our children. We appreciate the communication regarding our childrens’ day and their development. They also are always available to chat with us regarding any questions or concerns that we may have. Not only do our kids feel at home at Gateway Academy but so do we. It’s more than a school, it’s a community. And we feel so blessed that our children are with people who truly care about them and are making friends and learning each day. That gives us such peace of mind as parents and we couldn’t be happier.

Natalie Sudar

Gateway Academy is an excellent daycare/ school for my 2 1/2 yr old son. They always have a well-planned curriculum and communicate the daily activities my son has every day. My son has learned so much and has made many first friendships in his first year attending Gateway. The facilities are clean and diapers are changed on schedule. They have also helped him with his potty training. The tuition is an exceptional value, much more affordable than schools offering similar services and quality of care. They have a parents’ night out program, too!

Gateway Academy Family

We recently made a change of daycare providers for our 5 year old daughter to Gateway (where her 8 month old brother was already a student). Our son had always received the utmost in care and attention from Gateway, which made mommy’s transition from maternity leave so much easier! Our daughter was welcomed with open arms with a particular detail to integrating her into the classroom immediately – again, making a difficult transition much easier on us and our children. We were also extremely pleased with the curriculum. Thanks, Gateway!!

Sommer Wall

We interviewed almost all of the daycare/ Montessori schools in the area and this one was the perfect choice! The rates are much more affordable than many of the others, they focus on academics (even in the toddler 1 class), the teachers have been there for many years, they introduce the students to new technology, and the facilities are clean and welcoming. They also serve a hot breakfast, lunch and snack daily which is included in the price. And the best part… if you are a teacher, they give you a discount on tuition and you are not responsible for the long winter, spring and summer breaks.

Natalie Furniss

We could not be happier with our decision to choose Gateway-Ken Caryl for our two children. With over three years at Gateway, we have had time in almost every classroom. The teachers are wonderful! So caring and great with our kids! They also have done a great job teaching them and preparing our oldest for kindergarten while having fun! The Executive Director and Assistant Director are also both fantastic. I would recommend Gateway to all my friends. I am so grateful for the wonderful care they provide!


My two children, ages 2 and 4 have been at Gateway for the past 9 months. We have been to several child care centers, and chose Gateway because of it’s experienced and loving staff, safe environment, high staff to student ratio, and all the wonderful extracurricular activities that Gateway offers. My children’s unique learning styles are supported and enriched with stimulating learning opportunities. The teachers are respectful and teach my children to be socially appropriate. Gateway has a talented chef who prepares fresh, wholesome, and nutritionally rich meals that support the nutritional and calorie needs of my children. I have recommended Gateway to several friends, and will continue to support Gateway until my children no longer need day-care. Gateway is a wonderful child-care center, and I would not put my children in any other environment!

Courtney K.

My daughter and son have been at Gateway for the past 6 and 3 years, respectively. When I moved to Ken Caryl and saw Gateway, my first thought was, “There is no way that will be a good school, it’s way too convenient!” But, I was dead wrong. What impresses me the most is the quality of the teachers. Some of them have been there for close to 10 years! I used to direct an early childhood program and know that this is a rare thing! Retaining teachers in the child care field is very challenging, but somehow Gateway Academy at Ken Caryl has managed to do just that. It is such a privilege to leave for work knowing that my children will be safe and well-cared for, while receiving high-quality early childhood education so that they are ready for Kindergarten and beyond! Thank you Gateway!

Anne-Marie Braga

I wanted to take a moment and share with you our experience with Gateway Academy. As first time parents, my husband Derek and I envisioned what we wanted to instill in our son Whalen. We want him to have a strong value system, healthy self-confidence, stability, a good education, etc …

Shortly after Whalen was born; we started to tour daycare facilities in our area. We were looking for a school that would support us in those ideals as well as understand that they would be a part of our lives for a number of years to come. Gateway Academy made an impression on us the first time we toured the facility. The cleanliness of the facility made an impact on us immediately! We were asked to place booties on our feet before we entered the infant room. This made us feel our child’s health was of the utmost importance to the staff. We noticed how open the room was and a lot of windows that allowed for natural light to come in. There was significant space for the little people to explore and an abundance of toys that help sharpen the children’s motors skills and aided in their cognitive development. The teachers in the infant room, Miss Amy and Miss Shirley, had been with the school over a decade and after talking with Amy and Shirley, you could see they were a great team and the children loved them! We were impressed to say the least! After we left that day, there was nothing to decide after our visit to Gateway Academy; we knew we had found Whalen’s new school!

Whalen is now six months old and has been at Gateway for 4 months. He is happy and thriving there! Miss Amy is exceptional in providing the structure Whalen needs as he learns to operate in a classroom of his peers. He is hitting all the recommended bench marks and excelling every day!

Miss Shirley is always there for the snuggles and hugs! What has been the biggest surprise for us as parents is, my husband and I never imagined we would have gained a second family. The teachers and the staff have been so incredibly patient, understanding and ready to share their knowledge with us as we ask all the first-time parent questions and help us navigate through the pitfalls. The Staff at Gateway Academy supports us in our quest to instill the strong values and the self-confidence we want for Whalen. Thank you does not seem to sufficiently express our gratitude! We feel truly blessed to have found a community and family in the staff at Gateway Academy and look forward to many years together.

The Guthries

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